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Welcome to Waves Academy

Waves Swim & Sports Academy was established in Dubai in 2011. Our coaches are current and/or past competitive swimmers & coaching to the highest international standards. We have a true passion for swimming!  

Our team of Internationally qualified swim coaches are truly committed to ensuring that all children learn the life-long skill of swimming. We believe that swimming is just as important a life skill to learn as are reading & writing.


We pride ourselves on our first-hand knowledge of our clients and their individual needs. A partnership with all our swimmers and their parents is paramount for a successful long-lasting relationship. We take pride in working together with our Waves swimmers families to celebrate in our joint successes.

 As a family-owned business, we would like to welcome you to our Waves family, where you will be welcomed every time with a smile. We look forward to seeing you on our pool deck.


Our Vision

To teach children of all ages and abilities to swim & excel in their individual capabilities at all levels of the sport.

Our Mission

Waves Swim & Sports Academy strives to provide the highest quality of coaching in a safe, enjoyable & challenging environment that enables each student to realize their potential by testing their limits as a way to encourage continuous progress, achievement and growth.
Waves Swim & Sports Academy promotes mass participation in sport. The academy’s primary mission is to develop youth holistically through development coaching clinics (Waves Program) and through ‘high performance’ coaching programs. Through all its activities, Waves Swim & Sports Academy will be guided by the following objectives:

• To promote mass participation in a variety of sports
• To teach life skills using sport – empower young people
• To offer professional coaching to young athletes
• To expose young athletes to opportunities that lie in sport