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We organize intensive swim courses during school vacations, usually during 3 weeks in December (winter intensive), 2 weeks in March/April (spring intensive), and the full 8 weeks of summer vacation (summer sizzler intensive).

Intensive courses are fantastic for fast progression in a supportive and fun environment. We offer all swimmers levels so whether your child is a first time beginner swimmer or an accomplished swimmer looking for an advantage over the competition, the intensive programs are catered to provide every swimmer with what they need to succeed.

 Children will swim 5 days per week (Sunday to Thursday) and your child will accomplish in 1 week what usually takes 5 weeks to learn! Intensive programs are designed to jump start your child’s skills in all areas, after which, regular lessons will ensure a steady progression throughout the rest of the year.

Limited spaces are available for our intensive swim programs, to ensure all government guidelines are followed and all swimmers are safe at all times. Social distancing measures are in place for all swimmers, at all times.

Our skilled coaches build on the foundation of our intense swim classes by concentrating on identifying each child’s distinct talents and areas for growth. Our individualized approach ensures customized input, meaning the development of your child is our first priority. Your youngster will develop a love for swimming that goes beyond the water and improve their technique by being fully immersed in this focused learning environment.

The summer, spring, and winter sizzler programs focus on teaching essential water safety skills in addition to stroke mastery. Every swimmer will take part in simulated safety drills as the courses go along, which will help them develop their ability to respond appropriately in a variety of aquatic situations. The goal of this extensive instruction is to make your child a competent, cautious swimmer.